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Troy Helm at Localization World: Workflow Technology to Support Agile Development

Posted by Troy Helm on Nov 6, 2014 12:15:00 PM

Last week, language service professionals gathered in Vancouver for one of the industry’s biggest events:  Localization World. It is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Basically, if you’re doing business across borders, LocWorld is where you learn how to navigate between different languages and cultures in the global marketplace. 

Localization World isn’t just for those looking to operate businesses overseas. It is also an invaluable experience for language professionals.  New tools, methods and practices are introduced, many of which change the way we do our jobs and run our businesses.locworld

During the conference, I had the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion called (Re)Mixing Workflows: Localization Processes Forum. The forum covered the future of localization project management. While the other panelists were championing machine translation as the best strategy, I was there to make the case for automated project management in our new “Agile” world.  By the end of the discussion, for me it was even clearer that automated project management (rather than relying more heavily on machine translation) is what enables Elanex to remain the leader in fast and accurate translation.

The era of multi-month mega projects is over. Content development and deployment is changing. Content is never final due to rapid and continuous updates and corrections. Initial deployments are smaller and faster and small requests are increasingly becoming the significant feature of client relationships. 

Elanex has long seen this market shift coming and has developed new strategies to meet our clients’ changing needs.  Our new expressIt platform allows us to manage projects more efficiently. By automating our project management activities, our PMs can focus their limited time and attention on what they do best:  solving problems and ensuring the highest quality human translations. They move from project managers to exception managers who handle unexpected problems or special situations that automation is not equipped to manage.

expressIt has been a homerun for both our clients and our employees. By automating project management, we have shortened timelines, cut down time spent on administrative tasks and made it easier for PMs to simultaneously manage multiple projects. The expressIt platform also allows clients to place orders instantly and without the help of an account manager (or any other human).

For more information on expressIt and Elanex’s view on operating in an “Agile World,” you can check out my presentation here or visit the expressIt website.


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