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expressIt New Features and Updates

Posted by Cindy Dufty on Oct 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Elanex is pleased to announce new features and updates for expressIt, our self-serve high-quality professional translation service. expressIt provides all the depth, nuance and quality of the world's best human translators, delivered with unprecedented speed from our powerful automation technology.


expressIt now natively supports a broader variety of file formats. You can upload a PDF document and expressIt technology will determine if it is machine readable, or use advanced OCR technology to convert the scanned document into Word. This all happens automatically in the background, providing a seamless price quote and delivery options experience. expressIt also accepts .resx files, ideal for Agile developers needing to keep their Sprints on schedule. In addition to standard Office file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx), expressIt also accepts legacy Office format documents. For users with .indd or any of hundreds of other file formats, expressIt will automatically route the request to Elanex’s global professional services team for a prompt, personal response.

Responding to demand from customers around the globe, expressIt also provides a number of currency options for credit card payment. In addition to USD, now YEN, GBP, EUR, AUD, and CAD are available to match budgeting requirements and avoid F/X charges. Corporate users can continue to receive monthly billing in a variety of currencies.

Other new features include ability to upload support documentation, such as existing glossaries, style guides, or even screen shots. Special delivery instructions, such as sending to multiple recipients, can also be specified. Our corporate clients can select and include their specific glossaries and style guides already stored in the Elanex system.

With expressIt, you can order high-quality professional translation online in minutes – just upload your documents and instantly receive a quotation with delivery options. No calls, no delays waiting for emails, your documents will be professionally translated faster than you expect for less than you thought possible. Try it at expressItnow.com!

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Elanex Celebrates 13 Years of Fast, Accurate and Easy Translation

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Sep 10, 2015 9:56:00 AM

Thirteen years ago Jonathan Kirk founded Elanex with the mission of becoming a new kind of translation services provider.  He set out to marry the Art and Science of Translation to establish a new level of performance in the industry.


Elanex delivered on this vision. Since then, we have developed our own best-in-class technology platform to connect the world’s specialist translators with clients seeking efficiently delivered, high quality language translation services. From our pioneering centralized production platform to the launch of expressIt, we have been an innovator in advanced translation technology, further realizing the Art and Science of Translation.

Today we celebrate the technology and the team that routinely delivers fast, accurate, and easy translation. Our platform is in the cloud. Our clients and our team are global. We deliver an amazing breadth of languages in specific subjects. Elanex has evolved and grown into a truly trusted provider, an essential partner to many global clients. Each and every day we take on the challenges of transforming the written word for our clients’ customers around the globe. 

As we take a moment to look back, it is clear that we have much to be proud of, especially our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.  This promise to serve remains a constant and fuels our desire to continually improve and achieve. At a time when instant communication makes the world seem like a smaller place, language and culture remain as a reminder of our differences – and our important role in helping to bridge those distances.

Happy Founder’s Day!

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Elanex Named Top 100 Global Language Service Provider

Posted by Elanex Marketing Team on Jul 13, 2015 6:46:08 PM


Elanex is pleased to announce that we've again been named a Top 100 Firm in Common Sense Advisory's (CSA) 2015 ranking of the largest language service providers in the world. CSA, the leading independent market research company that covers the globalization, localization, and translation industry, ranked Elanex as the 23rd largest provider of translation and localization services in North America and 88th in the US$38 Billion global market.

Congratulations to all our Elanex team members for helping us remain the leader in fast, accurate, and easy translation!

To read more about the industry report and rankings, please visit the Elanex or CSA News Releases.

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Elanex and Cloudwords Announce Partnership Agreement

Posted by Elanex Marketing Team on Jun 3, 2015 11:32:00 AM

Integrates Cloudwords translation management services into their professional services portfolio

San Francisco, CA - June 3, 2015 – Elanex, the world leader in fast and accurate translation, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Cloudwords, a leader in cloud-based translation management and automation. Cloudwords is a solutions provider that offers its clients best of class localization workflow management and direct integrations with various demand-generation marketing tools, web CMS and other systems to significantly cut down on the time and costs associated with deploying multilingual marketing campaigns.

"We have been following Cloudwords, but it was actually one of our clients that suggested we formalize our relationship," said Donald Plumley, CEO of Elanex, Inc. "They were selecting Cloudwords to help them cloudwords-logo-featuremanage their content, but wanted to confirm they could retain the trusted translation relationship with Elanex. We developed processes to make the workflow between Cloudwords and our own automated production platform seamless – and are now pleased to announce our partnership so we can offer our services to a broader range of clients that can benefit from Cloudwords technologies.”

"From start to finish, we believe the translation process should be as efficient and pain-free as possible," said Scott Yancey, CEO of Cloudwords. "Our partnership with Elanex provides the essential link for our customers to proven, high-quality translation services. We particularly appreciate their philosophy for translation automation as it is very similar to ours."

“With customers ranging from the Global 1000 to VC-funded startups,” continued Mr. Plumley, “we see a broad set of challenges managing content for translation. What is consistent among all is dramatic time-compression to meet growing market demands. For marketing materials and technical documentation alike, by combining the best subject matter expert translators with our technology platform we are delivering fast and accurate translation for agile development and other time-sensitive needs. Through our partnership with Cloudwords, our customers can now benefit from more efficient management of their internal processes to reach their global customers even faster,” he concluded. 


About Cloudwords

Cloudwords accelerates content globalization at scale, dramatically reducing the cost, complexity and turnaround time required for the localization of all marketing content. Cloudwords' enterprise-ready cloud-based software enables organizations to go global faster, engage multilingual audiences more efficiently, and generate increased demand and revenue in less time. Delivering strategic integration capabilities for all leading marketing automation and content management systems, Cloudwords is an integral partner in the localization process for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, including Honeywell, Marketo, McDonald's, Siemens, and Verisign. Headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudwords is backed by Storm Ventures and Cloud computing visionaries such as Marc Benioff, founder of salesforce.com. Visit www.cloudwords.com for more information and join the global conversation on Twitter @CloudwordsInc.





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Elanex Announces Strategic Partnership with Transifex

Posted by Elanex Marketing Team on May 28, 2015 12:03:40 PM

Elanex Announces Strategic Partnership with Transifex
Named Recommended Translation Partner for High-Quality, Agile Localization

San Francisco, CA - May 27, 2015 – Elanex, Inc., the world leader in fast and accurate translation, has formed a strategic partnership with Transifex, a leading Localization Automation Platform (LAP) provider for tech companies and Open Source communities.  As a Recommended Translation Partner, Elanex will be recommended to Transifex subscribers looking for translation companies that have considerable expertise in both agile product development and the Transifex platform.

"Elanex is delighted to partner with Transifex to deliver fast and accurate translation for their localization customers," said Donald Plumley, CEO of Elanex, Inc. "Serving clients ranging from the largest global multinational to the most nimble Silicon Valley startup, we know what it takes to support agile development environment and Transifex is a great solution for managing multi-language content."

Transifex’s overall vision aims to make the localization and translation process easy for its subscribers. “It’s about making translation accessible to all companies regardless of their size or experience with localization,” said Dimitris Glezos, founder and CEO of Transifex.

Insightly.com is one subscriber that has already benefitted from the partnership. "Working with Elanex from within Transifex was ideal for Insightly," said Brian McConnell, Head of Localization, Insightly. "Access to the translated content directly from the Transifex Localization Automation Platform streamlined the process and helped us get our translated content live very quickly." 


Transifex is a Localization Automation Platform that powers the process of launching digital products and content into multiple languages. Built for companies with rapid development cycles, Transifex's SaaS platform enables developers to create a continuous localization workflow. Through the Transifex API and Git-like command-line client, developers can ensure that new content is always translated, and the latest translations are included with each release. This means faster time-to-market, less strain on engineering, and a better experience for end users.

Founded in 2009 after being incubated in Google's Summer of Code, Transifex raised $2.5 million last year in a seed-funding round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). The company is at its heart both global and digital -- with engineers on two continents and customers in over 30 countries representing 20,000+ projects and 200,000+ users, localizing content in more than 100 languages. Companies including Atlassian, Coursera, Eventbrite, Kixeye, and Waze rely on Transifex to achieve a continuous localization workflow. 


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Troy Helm at Localization World: Workflow Technology to Support Agile Development

Posted by Troy Helm on Nov 6, 2014 12:15:00 PM

Last week, language service professionals gathered in Vancouver for one of the industry’s biggest events:  Localization World. It is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Basically, if you’re doing business across borders, LocWorld is where you learn how to navigate between different languages and cultures in the global marketplace. 

Localization World isn’t just for those looking to operate businesses overseas. It is also an invaluable experience for language professionals.  New tools, methods and practices are introduced, many of which change the way we do our jobs and run our businesses.locworld

During the conference, I had the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion called (Re)Mixing Workflows: Localization Processes Forum. The forum covered the future of localization project management. While the other panelists were championing machine translation as the best strategy, I was there to make the case for automated project management in our new “Agile” world.  By the end of the discussion, for me it was even clearer that automated project management (rather than relying more heavily on machine translation) is what enables Elanex to remain the leader in fast and accurate translation.

The era of multi-month mega projects is over. Content development and deployment is changing. Content is never final due to rapid and continuous updates and corrections. Initial deployments are smaller and faster and small requests are increasingly becoming the significant feature of client relationships. 

Elanex has long seen this market shift coming and has developed new strategies to meet our clients’ changing needs.  Our new expressIt platform allows us to manage projects more efficiently. By automating our project management activities, our PMs can focus their limited time and attention on what they do best:  solving problems and ensuring the highest quality human translations. They move from project managers to exception managers who handle unexpected problems or special situations that automation is not equipped to manage.

expressIt has been a homerun for both our clients and our employees. By automating project management, we have shortened timelines, cut down time spent on administrative tasks and made it easier for PMs to simultaneously manage multiple projects. The expressIt platform also allows clients to place orders instantly and without the help of an account manager (or any other human).

For more information on expressIt and Elanex’s view on operating in an “Agile World,” you can check out my presentation here or visit the expressIt website.


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Elanex Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Sep 10, 2014 9:42:00 AM

On our 12th anniversary, we celebrate “Founder’s Day” by contemplating the future of the translation industry – and announce our latest technology-enhanced service.

Elanex was conceived by Jonathan Kirk and incorporated on September 10th, 2002 as a new kind of translation services provider – one based on a unique technology platform that connects the world’s best specialist translators with clients seeking efficiently delivered, high-quality language translation services. Over the past twelve years, we have grown from Jonathan’s original vision to an essential partner to many clients around the globe. During this time, many things have changed. Technology is easier to deploy and, thanks to the Cloud, simpler to scale and replicate. Communication is easier, faster, and less expensive. What has not changed and is fundamental to our future is the nature of human interaction and the challenges of transforming the written word for our clients' customers around the world.

Our expectation for ease of use and speed to purchase goods and services has changed dramatically. A single click can deliver merchandise, summon a ridesharing service, or book a spare bedroom in another city. Smartphones are constantly updated with applications that demand continual development. Translation service providers must seamlessly adapt to these driving forces by providing simple means to order services and support a constant stream of updates. Elanex will be that company.

Today on our 12th anniversary I’m proud to announce the launch of VeriFast: High-Velocity Human-Verified Translation, our latest innovation in technology-enhanced translation services.

What do you think? Post a comment - I’d enjoy sharing a few words with you.

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