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Managing the Global Workforce: Communication is Key

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Apr 22, 2015 2:34:00 PM

images-2-1Successful global expansion takes more than renting office space in another country. Companies both large and small looking to global markets to drive growth are finding out that effective communication with the global workforce is both important and challenging. Accenture published a report discussing expansion best practices and lessons for HR professionals – such as how one firm seeks to:

“…manage these employees in ways that are aligned with a global approach to employee services, while also complying with different statutory requirements and respecting local differences in how people are motivated, developed and paid.”

Staffing overseas offices with trusted staff from the headquarters may be a convenient way to expand quickly, but:

“… if a company expects its growth to be in emerging economies, having leadership from the West swoop in with a set of attitudes and presumptions that may not be appropriate for a growth market can create a real business risk.”

The report notes that having globally consistent polices with local relevance requires:

“…an HR approach that is both super global and super local.”

You can read the entire Accenture report here. Communication that is both globally consistent and locally relevant takes a deft touch – and a trusted partner to help render it into local languages along with your training materials and other resources. We would be happy to share our best practices and approach to help you connect with your team around the globe.

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