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Elanex GlobalNote | Every Day is Cyber Monday

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Jan 8, 2015 9:43:00 AM



For consumers around the world, fighting traffic at the mall is no longer part of the holiday ritual. Nearly every item can be crossed off the shopping list without ever leaving home.
The same goes for business-to-business transactions. Alibaba, now one of the world's most valuable companies, includes B2B sales as a very important part of the site. Businesses around the world can research and even purchase everything from supplies to machinery with just the click of a few buttons. 

Here are two numbers worth considering:


The number of languages needed to reach 98%
of the global online ​community


The amount of the world’s economic opportunity 
you can access with only 13 languages

Visualizing where these global customers are coming from is also eye opening.  Here is an Infographic that can help you to navigate the global opportunity (click for a larger image or to download):​

Elanex Infographic Languages Online

As you consider ways to accomplish your growth strategies for next year, remember it’s more than selling online. Delivering customer support information, product documentation, training, and more to a global audience require that language be part of your plans. 

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