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expressIt New Features and Updates

Posted by Cindy Dufty on Oct 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Elanex is pleased to announce new features and updates for expressIt, our self-serve high-quality professional translation service. expressIt provides all the depth, nuance and quality of the world's best human translators, delivered with unprecedented speed from our powerful automation technology.


expressIt now natively supports a broader variety of file formats. You can upload a PDF document and expressIt technology will determine if it is machine readable, or use advanced OCR technology to convert the scanned document into Word. This all happens automatically in the background, providing a seamless price quote and delivery options experience. expressIt also accepts .resx files, ideal for Agile developers needing to keep their Sprints on schedule. In addition to standard Office file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx), expressIt also accepts legacy Office format documents. For users with .indd or any of hundreds of other file formats, expressIt will automatically route the request to Elanex’s global professional services team for a prompt, personal response.

Responding to demand from customers around the globe, expressIt also provides a number of currency options for credit card payment. In addition to USD, now YEN, GBP, EUR, AUD, and CAD are available to match budgeting requirements and avoid F/X charges. Corporate users can continue to receive monthly billing in a variety of currencies.

Other new features include ability to upload support documentation, such as existing glossaries, style guides, or even screen shots. Special delivery instructions, such as sending to multiple recipients, can also be specified. Our corporate clients can select and include their specific glossaries and style guides already stored in the Elanex system.

With expressIt, you can order high-quality professional translation online in minutes – just upload your documents and instantly receive a quotation with delivery options. No calls, no delays waiting for emails, your documents will be professionally translated faster than you expect for less than you thought possible. Try it at expressItnow.com!

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