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Elanex Celebrates 13 Years of Fast, Accurate and Easy Translation

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Sep 10, 2015 9:56:00 AM

Thirteen years ago Jonathan Kirk founded Elanex with the mission of becoming a new kind of translation services provider.  He set out to marry the Art and Science of Translation to establish a new level of performance in the industry.


Elanex delivered on this vision. Since then, we have developed our own best-in-class technology platform to connect the world’s specialist translators with clients seeking efficiently delivered, high quality language translation services. From our pioneering centralized production platform to the launch of expressIt, we have been an innovator in advanced translation technology, further realizing the Art and Science of Translation.

Today we celebrate the technology and the team that routinely delivers fast, accurate, and easy translation. Our platform is in the cloud. Our clients and our team are global. We deliver an amazing breadth of languages in specific subjects. Elanex has evolved and grown into a truly trusted provider, an essential partner to many global clients. Each and every day we take on the challenges of transforming the written word for our clients’ customers around the globe. 

As we take a moment to look back, it is clear that we have much to be proud of, especially our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.  This promise to serve remains a constant and fuels our desire to continually improve and achieve. At a time when instant communication makes the world seem like a smaller place, language and culture remain as a reminder of our differences – and our important role in helping to bridge those distances.

Happy Founder’s Day!

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