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Elanex Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Posted by Donald J. Plumley, CEO on Sep 10, 2014 9:42:00 AM

On our 12th anniversary, we celebrate “Founder’s Day” by contemplating the future of the translation industry – and announce our latest technology-enhanced service.

Elanex was conceived by Jonathan Kirk and incorporated on September 10th, 2002 as a new kind of translation services provider – one based on a unique technology platform that connects the world’s best specialist translators with clients seeking efficiently delivered, high-quality language translation services. Over the past twelve years, we have grown from Jonathan’s original vision to an essential partner to many clients around the globe. During this time, many things have changed. Technology is easier to deploy and, thanks to the Cloud, simpler to scale and replicate. Communication is easier, faster, and less expensive. What has not changed and is fundamental to our future is the nature of human interaction and the challenges of transforming the written word for our clients' customers around the world.

Our expectation for ease of use and speed to purchase goods and services has changed dramatically. A single click can deliver merchandise, summon a ridesharing service, or book a spare bedroom in another city. Smartphones are constantly updated with applications that demand continual development. Translation service providers must seamlessly adapt to these driving forces by providing simple means to order services and support a constant stream of updates. Elanex will be that company.

Today on our 12th anniversary I’m proud to announce the launch of VeriFast: High-Velocity Human-Verified Translation, our latest innovation in technology-enhanced translation services.

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