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SEO / SEM Tips for Successful Global Marketing: Don't treat it like translation

3 Keys to Retail Success in the Cross-Border Market

Translation Should Be a Production Step in Your Manufacturing Process

How To Say Merry Christmas Around The World

UK English vs US English

Language Loopholes and Untranslatable Words

German Language Facts

50 Awesome Language Facts

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Getting the Most From Your eLearning & Training Investments

expressIt New Features and Updates

Making the Most of In-Country Review

Language Melting Pot

The Family Tree of Languages

Choosing The Best Translation Method 

Elanex Celebrates 13 Years of Fast, Accurate and Easy Translation

English: The Most Common Second Language Learned in Europe

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33 Useful Translation Industry Abbreviations

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10 Industry Terms Every Translation Buyer Needs to Know

Elanex Named Top 100 Global Language Service Provider

The Fastest and the Slowest Sounding Languages

Little-Known Languages: Quechua

5 Tips for Choosing a Translation Service Provider

Need to Translate Something?

What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

Elanex and Cloudwords Announce Partnership Agreement

Elanex Announces Strategic Partnership with Transifex

Tongues of the World

Why is the Translation So Expensive? Understanding and Reducing Cost

Little-Known Languages: Nahuatl

Know Your Languages: Japanese, a Complex Language of Context

Managing the Global Workforce: Communication is Key

Quick Language Facts: Mandarin Chinese

Elanex GlobalNote: The Translation is "Unintelligible"

Know Your Languages: Romanian-The Only Member of the Romance Language Family Spoken in Eastern Europe

Arabic, a Multitude of Dialects

M&A Best Practices: Translation as a Competitive Advantage for the Global Deal

The Need For Translation in Africa

Know Your Languages: Italian-A Romance Language with Roots in Vulgar Latin

Elanex Case Study: Insightly Makes the Case for Agile Translation

Quick Language Facts: Russian

Happy Valentines Day from Elanex: Expressions of Love in Spanish

Know Your Languages: Dutch, A Germanic Language With Far Reaching Influence

10 Essential Tips of eLearning Translation and Localization

Hindi: A Language as Rich and Complex as India

Elanex GlobalNote | Communicating in Shampoo Language

Know Your Languages: Portuguese – Two Dialects With A Rich History

Elanex GlobalNote | Every Day is Cyber Monday

Glossaries: A Translator's Best Tool to Ensure Consistency and Quality

Know Your Languages: Somali – Picking the right words and the appropriate writing system

Machine Translation: Isn't there an app for that?

Controlled Language: The Elements of an Efficient Translation Process

Know Your Languages: Rohingya - An Evolving Alphabet Leads to Challenges in Translation

The Variations of French: Becoming Increasingly Important for International Businesses

Troy Helm at Localization World: Workflow Technology to Support Agile Development

Style Guides: The Importance of Consistency

Know Your Languages: Chinese-the Differences Between Spoken and Written Chinese

The French Talk Tech in their Mother Tongue: Technology, Culture, and Language

Translation and Interpretation: What's the Difference?

Know Your Languages: Spanish

A Quick Guide to Low Cost Translation: Can You Afford It?

Elanex Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: Subjectivity in translation

Know Your Languages: German

Three Ways to Optimize the Translation Process

Let’s make buying translation services easier: A seamless approach

Legal Translation: Why Subject Matter Specialists are a Must!

Foreign Market Entry: Why Communication is Essential to Success

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